Flexibility and Service

Capabilities :

Part Dimension :
Up to 1,100 x 700 x 400 mm
(43x28x16 inches)

Cast iron grades :
Grey iron : FGL 200 - FGL 250 - FGL 300
Ductile iron : FGS 400-15 - FGS 450-10 - FGS 500-7 - FGS 600-3 - FGS 700-2
Specials : FGS 400-18 LT - SIMO and ADI

Unit weights :
FGL : jusqu'à 160 kg
FGS : jusqu'à 140 kg

Quantities :
Medium to large production casting runs
from 50 to several thousand parts per month

<strong>Engines :</strong>

Engines :

<strong>Agricultural machinery :</strong>

Agricultural machinery :

<strong>Civil engineering</strong>

Civil engineering

<strong>Various industries :</strong>

Various industries :

Flexibility and Service

Medium to large production casting runs, from 50 to several thousand parts per month. Components supplied as-cast, rough or finish-machined, painted, surface treated, heat treated, sub-assembled...
GHM’s internal quality systems and the use of certified subcontract suppliers ensure that the strictest quality and performance criteria are met.
The technical expertise of our employees, supported by flexible production systems, ensures that GHM is capable of responding to the changing needs of our customers.

Make the best use of the metallurgical know-how (quality, technical parts).
Prioritize customer satisfaction through quality and reactivity.
Bring additional service to customers through increased added value (heat treatment, painting, machining, assembly, complementarity casting capacities, logistics).
As much as possible establish long term relationships with custumers including through involvement during design phases.
Focus on parts within the competitive edge.
Improve the competitiveness of the production means and manufacturing processes and schemes.
Enfore and maintain a lean and flexible company scheme.

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ISO 9002 certified in 1989 and ISO 9001 certified since 2004...

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Exporting two thirds of its production, GHM Foundry mainly supplies motor, construction industry equipment, agricultural machinery and mechanical components manufacturers. GHM Wassy Foundry, branch of F3TEC, produces mechanical castings, usually sold painted and finish-machined.